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Eradicating Anger – Part 3

We all know anger damages our relationships with our children, and impacts on their wellbeing. But how do we stay calm, soft-spoken, and positive when our children are driving us crazy?

Here are three simple ideas that can eradicate anger and help make your family happier:

First, look for the good.

Yes, I know it sounds trite. But looking for the good can reduce anger. When the kids break a glass, we can be glad it wasn’t a window!

Use humour.

Anger is a habit. So create a new habit by turning the flare ups into crack-ups. Often what we get angry about isn’t such a big deal.

On a related note – and third, put it into perspective.

Often our outbursts and angry actions are entirely disproportionate to what actually happened. Ask yourself how big a deal something really is, and respond appropriately. Every rule infraction doesn’t require massive outbursts to show your displeasure.