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Epic Fail for Feminism – Not an Act of Freedom

Caitlyn Stasey and Miley Cyrus have made headlines recently, not for any great feats of human accomplishment, but for baring their bodies in the name of ‘freedom.’

Rather than feeling horrified and scandalised, I just feel sad. Yes, they’ve created pornography and made it easily accessible to men, women and children (I can’t unsee what just showed up in my Facebook news feed) but more than that, these ‘role models’ have sent the wrongest of messages: I AM my body. My body defines me and showing it to anyone who’s interested in looking is the only way to see who I really am.

Caitlyn and Miley, you are not your body, any more than you are your car, your house, your family or your job.

You are a soul encased in a thin veneer of flesh. Don’t mistake the veneer for the main event.

Exposing your breasts isn’t a symbol of power – ask any of the millions of women trapped in sex slavery.

Yes, your body is precious… it’s also personal and indeed, sacred. Showcasing your body doesn’t tell the story of YOU any more than photos of your cars (although, that would be far less confronting or damaging to the little eyes who stumble upon it).

Instead, expose your soul. Be a role model for empowering girls and women to showcase their minds. Exert authority through powerful acts of kindness and love. And show girls and women that, in fact, they are not defined by the size or shape of their breasts but rather the beauty that lies within their soul.