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Casual to Corporate – Get dressed for success

It’s funny catching up with someone you first met as a teenager. Those teenage years with Bernie were seemingly all about whom could make whom laugh the most. It’s twenty plus years later and she’s still undeniably the comedienne, albeit without that snazzy Hypercolour T-shirt I used to covet. Where did they all go by the way? It’s not like you ever happen across one at a Thrift store.

These days we’re both married to super fab men and have three children each. We’re still figuring out our place in the world and trying to find contentment with career choices whilst keeping our families as our main priority.

Bernie is a Special Needs Teacher but I managed to get her looking a tad corporate with this Metalicus Montmarte Rouched Dress in black marle and Empire Blazer in a colour called bougainvillea. This flattering dress was a hit at a recent Metalicus Styling Workshop I attended. I will be eternally grateful to whomever came up with rouching (disclaimer: I’m excluding the rouching popular in 80s prom dresses from my last remark).

Doesn’t this colour make her shine? You’ll see it everywhere this winter. The lavish Ella Grace statement necklace is called Shades of Spring from Runway Culture.

She looks like she could be our next female Prime Minister or the CEO of (insert successful company here), even an Alpaca Farmer if that’s what her heart desires. This woman is going places. She’s ‘Dressed for Success’ – sorry, if you made it this far, you’ve now got that Roxette song stuck in your head haven’t you? I’m not really sorry.

casual to corporate 2  casual to corporate 3

Xx Davina

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