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Book Review – The Easy Way to Hear God’s Voice

the easy way to hear god's voice

By Tania Harris from God Conversations

Finally! A book written with busy parents in mind.

I found myself reading ‘The Easy Way to Hear God’s Voice’ on a warm Sunday afternoon. Sitting on our veranda, kids riding their bikes downstairs and hubby engrossed in the footy.

3 Things I Cherished Pre-Kids
1. Losing myself in a good book. Who has time to keep up with complex story lines and colourful characters when there are tantrums and grazed knees to attend to?
2. Sleep. To be honest, sleep is my last bastion of solitude and I miss it when it’s interrupted by wet nappies or a child’s nightmare about being forced to share toys.
3. Spending time with God. I used to have long conversations with God. Now, I can’t even enjoy an uninterrupted conversation with the postman.

One of the great things about this ebook is that I easily completed it in a couple of hours, including a few interruptions.

‘Nearly everyone knows that God reveals himself most often in dreams.’ Tertullian

This idea excited me. I don’t get much time during waking hours to talk to God and wait for His reply so I asked God to open my eyes to understand what He was trying to tell me in my dreams.

My first attempt had been a disaster but this time I was ready.

Over the next few nights, I had incredible dreams and visions, including a very personal encounter with Jesus.

I’m still basking in the afterglow of that holy experience.

This book provides the tools you need to have your own ‘God encounter’ and to recognise His voice through the noise around you.

As a tired, busy mother, it’s given me a new and really personal way to speak to Him and wait for His reply… uninterrupted!

What’s even more amazing about this ebook is that it’s free!! I just signed up to the mailing list at God Conversations and was sent the link within minutes. I love it when things are easy like that!

I’d love to hear about your God encounters and any tips you have for finding time for God is the busyness and loudness of life as a parent.