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5 Tips for Making School Holidays Fun

For me, school holidays are all about creating memories with my kids. I want to sit around a dinner table with them as adults and reminisce about the crazy fun we had together. The last thing I want them to remember is fighting over the TV remote.

There is an art to enjoying school holidays. These tips actually really help me have a great time with my teenagers.

Tip One: Be prepared to get out of the house…away from the television and technology. We create memories by engaging our senses and imagination. A change in environment can make all the difference.

Tip Two: Plan ahead, especially if you work full time. Don’t go with the same old boring routine. Mix it up a bit. Try something new. A great question you can ask yourself is, “How can I be a fun mum or dad these school holidays? ” or “What memory can we create together?”

Tip Three:  This tip is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for me. If I begin the school holidays by investing three days of undivided attention into my kids, I usually overt any disasters and everyone settles into the school holiday routine well.  I used to get worried that they would expect the same investment of money and time for the whole holidays (that’s almost a bit too honest isn’t it?). Now I know it actually works in reverse. Don’t wait until they are bored and fighting to get things moving.

Tip Four:  It’s not just what you do that makes it fun, it’s actually your energy and enthusiasm that makes it fun.  Whatever you can afford to do and where ever you go, if your kids are with you they will be having a great time.

Tip Five:  You don’t always have to ask what they want to do. Teenagers don’t always want to be family orientated. I plan mystery destination days to avoid the “I don’t want to” conversation and by the end of the day they are happy I didn’t ask.  Alternatively, create a  list of things they want to do together, and make sure you get to add a few of your own in there. It’s not all about them.

I am fortunate to have these school holidays off with my kids. They like music, food and sport so I’m planning some activities around those ideas. Here is what I am doing with my kids today and tomorrow:

Day One

  • Morning: Sleep in (for me more than them)
  • Late morning: West End has some brilliant delicatessens, full of different food experiences. We are going to take a stroll around West End and bring some Italian or Asian food home to cook with. There is also a really great (well priced) Asian restaurant there, so I am sure we will end up there for lunch.
  • Afternoon: Cook with our ingredients.
  • Evening: I think it would be nice to hire out a movie and eat the food we cook around the television that night. It’s novel for us to do that.

Day Two

  • Morning: Visiting music stores around Brisbane. Sounds boring to me….not boring at all to them. They could spend days in music stores!  And yes, I will be having the we are not buying anything today discussion before I leave.
  • My youngest wants to go fishing so we are heading down to our local beach to ride bikes, play backyard cricket, cook a barbecue and throw a line in the water.
  • When they get bored we can come home and play music, spotlight (at night), roast marshmallows and make home-made cold rock for desert.

What are you getting up to these school holidays?  You may inspire someone to make memories with their children. For me, holidays are a time to create memories not just enduring them.