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You Find What You’re Looking For

Have you ever been looking for a new car and suddenly noticed how the exact car you’re after seems to be everywhere? You’d never seen them before.

Family life works similarly. If you’re looking for what’s great about your kids, you’ll see it. And if you’re cranky at them, you’ll be more likely to see things that upset you.

The problem is that our brains are wired to react to the negative, stressful things in life. It’s what keeps us alive and out of danger. The negative is more powerful than the positive… and as we all know, our children can keep us busy with lots of ‘negatives’.

But our children are worthy of our celebration. They are amazing! Each day find ways to tell them what you appreciate about them, what you’re learning from them, and how you value them.

Look for the good in your children and it’s all you’ll see – and your family will be happier because of it.

what your child needs from you
A practical manual for creating a connected family, What Your Child Needs From You delivers concrete strategies to help parents build meaningful relationships with their children.