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Who is Leading Who?

Recently, we met some friends at a local area at Mermaid Beach called “The Marketta”

I had never been there before, Kylie had been a few times. We won’t take that any further…
Anyway, it’s a fun place in an old industrial area, that has been outfit with slightly alternative style clothing and craft shops, and stalls with food from various countries and cultures around the world. Personally I love culture and diversity. Every culture has so much to offer.
The sound of live music, hundreds of people eating and talking, food from about 15 different countries. Yeah, a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends.


Yesterday, 7 year old Joel had not felt 100%. Noting drastic, just a little more lethargic than normal.  As we’re at “The Marketta”, he has one of his friends there who he usually has a great time playing with, but yesterday, not even interested in talking.
So Kylie and I head off to get some food, leaving Joel with our friends. He is not hungry in the slightest. So of course, because of how he had been feeling, we allow him to just relax and take it easy.
A little later and it’s time to go and pick up his sisters from work.
Here is the main point of the story. Apart from if you are on the Gold Coast on a Saturday, it’s really worth getting along to The Marketta.
On the way home, I mention to Joel that he needs to have an early night to get a good sleep and recover.
Now I’m sure if you have any children 3 and older you have already come across this scenario at least once.
That old fashioned, fun police stye statement did not go down very well.
Children are incredibly intelligent. They understand a lot more than we often give them credit for. Which is a whole other blog altogether.


As parents, although it’s not always easy to grasp what is happening in our children’s minds, There are certain things we need to follow through on, for the short term and long term benefit of parents and children alike.
1) When we know what’s best for our kids. In this case, an early night because it is what’s best for them. We need to ensure that happens. I’m fully aware that this is a lot easier said than done sometimes.
2) When we’re out in public and with friends. Being able to gauge what is a genuine issue, and what is not. Otherwise as a parent, it is so easy to be taken for a ride. Once kids get a taste for this and it doesn’t go away. As a parent, you ere a kid once, you’ve tried all of the tricks, you low how it works. 
3) If you base your directions for your children on how they have been ‘pretending’ sometimes, they will begin to understand that you are serious, and they will be more honest about things.
Yes Joel was not well, in fact this morning as I write this he is still a little under it, hence following through on the early night.


How aware are you of your children and their ways.

Are you one step ahead of them, or are they one step ahead of you?