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Product Review – Fair Go

One of my fondest childhood memories is our Saturday night family board game nights. What I lacked in tactics, I made up for in enthusiasm and while my brother invariably ended up as banker (if we were playing Monopoly), I was just happy moving my puppy dog piece around the board and generally avoiding jail.

Family board game night is something I definitely want to bring back with my kids. Turning off the tv for a bit of competitive fun is a great way to build relationships and make memories together.

Recently, I was asked to try a brand new board game called ‘Fair Go’ and it’s definitely a winner in my books.

Encouraging players to help other reach their potential and actually keep each other in business is a fantastic life lesson, played out with plastic pieces. Yes, there’s strategy involved, which has never been my forte but with other players helping me out, I wasn’t left bankrupt as my brother used to take so much pleasure in doing!

Fair Go is about teaching our kids the values of kinship, smart business practices and the importance of helping others. I’m always up for a game that can teach my kids good values while they’re having fun!

To find out more or to buy it and make your own family memories, just go to: