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My House Husband

This week, I’m getting a real taste of life as a family in the 21st Century. Because this week, I’m bringing home the bacon (so to speak) and my husband is cooking it. And I’m loving it!

It started around 2am Monday morning. Mr 2 yr old crying out for mama. I rolled over and pretended I couldn’t hear him (I had to be up at 6!). Eventually, hubby got out of bed and nursed Mr 2 back to sleep.

I left for the office at 7am, while the rest of the family slept, enjoyed a nice, quite drive. No Wiggles or High 5 tunes. No cries or screams of delight from the back seat. At the office, I sit and drink my coffee (while it’s still hot!) as I read through emails and get set up for the day.

It’s busy at work but somehow relaxing compared to the chaos I know is going on at home. Life with two toddlers is never dull.

I call hubby around 2 to check in. I’ve woken him from a nap(!) while Mr 2 sleeps on top of him.

An afternoon of uninterrupted phone conversations and I get a surprising amount of work done (compared to when I’m working from home).

Then jump in the car and head home. I walk in to the aroma of bolognaise and garlic bread. The boys are fed, bathed and calmly playing on our ipad, relaxing on our bed. Hubby looks like he’s aged a few years but he manages a weak smile. I could get used to this.

According to a recent study, Aussie dads lead the world when it comes to parenting. Although they still rank behind mothers in the domestic workload in general, they’re streets ahead of dads around the world.

In my house, hubby is definitely the King of Domesticity. At the end of the work day, when I’m the one working from home, he’ll more than likely walk into chaos personified. Every toy and item of clothing strewn across the living room floor, kids protesting loudly at the idea of a bath and not a thought about dinner. How things have changed from our Grandparents’ generation when most dads would have never even changed a nappy.

And even our parents’ generation. We always knew when mum was unwell, because we’d have cold spaghetti sandwiches in our lunch boxes but I think our parents have come a long way and many of our dads are taking on more domestic responsibilities as our mothers (like mine) are pursuing their careers and even going back to Uni.

There’s no bra burning, or placards, just a concerted team effort to raise our kids as best we can, together.

So, this Father’s Day, I want to say a big thanks to all the dads (like my hubby) who do their fair share (and even show us up, sometimes). Here’s to you, dads!