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Men at Work… At Home

Prime Minister Gillard has described the pressurised life of modern families as the single greatest challenge facing Australians. So what’s the solution?

‘Telecommuting’ or working from home has been put forward as the 21st Century answer to this growing dilemma but is it really that simple?

My hubby worked from home quite happily and productively… until shortly after the birth of baby number 1. Then he spent a good year trying to keep everything together, working from home.

It’s a surprisingly tough gig.

Conference calls and babies don’t mix. Nor do tantrums and client meetings. And play dates were strictly ‘off campus.’

On the upside, we did spend a lot of quality time together and hubby would take the odd afternoon off to make up the commute time he was saving.

But with the imminent arrival of baby number 2, hubby rented an office space in the city and a huge load lifted off our shoulders.

No more trying to keep little ones out of the study while daddy’s on the phone. No more lost or deleted files at the hands of a little one tapping away on the laptop, pretending to be ‘just like daddy.’ And so much freedom to be loud, to have play dates, to make a mess.

Hubby does still work from home every now and then and each time, we’re reminded of just much we loooove the office space in the city.

The kids are always grateful to have daddy home, whether he’s sinking in paper work, or making paper planes with them. Something about having daddy home while the sun’s still shining just feels right.

I’d love to hear from anyone whose partner has made working from home, work.