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Love and Let Go

Do you already have the “perfect” plan designed for your children’s lives?

As mothers, I believe this is a particularly difficult area to maneuver. Wanting the very best for our children, we can get our hearts set on the best preschool to the best college. Knowing how hard it can be in this world, we press in with our plans, suggesting or insisting our children pursue the degree, career or marriage choices we think are best.

The problem comes when we forget the most important part of the plans: God’s thoughts and His ways. Although there is value in our wisdom and experience, we must be intentional to give attention to God in his perfect wisdom for their future. Because without it, we can hinder the process of our children learning to hear from God for themselves.

Mothers, as hard as it is to do at times… love and let go (trust me, I will be a work-in-progress on this for the rest of my life).  Loving our kids to equip them as they spread their wings and fly is an accomplishment we will know came from receiving God’s love for ourselves.


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