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Keeping the Rules

Do your children go to play at their friends’ houses, and then come home and tell you about how different the ‘rules’ were for their friends?

What do you do?

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Talk to your kids about how every family has different rules
  2. Discuss the differences and ask your kids WHY you have the rules you do
  3. Ask your children to obey your rules, even at other people’s homes.

As our children become teens, the game changes. Dictating terms often backfires. So instead of making demands, the best way to encourage teens to keep the rules is by asking questions. This keeps them open to thinking, sharing opinions, and we get a glimpse at their emerging values.

Every family has ‘different’ standards. Pick your battles. And let your kids know that they can call you anytime, from anywhere, and you’ll be there to help them if they’re in danger.

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