Mum Daily

First Day

Becoming a parent means entering a world of ‘firsts…’ First smile, first words, first steps, first time you make bizarre statements like ‘shoes are NOT for eating!’ Sigh.

Tonight, I find myself on the eve of a significant first… my toddler’s first day of Kindergarten.

I know he’s ready for it… but I’m not sure I am. Is any mother really ready for this moment?

Over the holidays, Tyson had been begging us to take his training wheels off. His excitement was uncontainable. And as he straddled his bike, sans training wheels, for the first time, his determination was clear. Instinctively, I pulled out my iPhone and started recording, calling out words of encouragement, ready to pounce the moment he fell.

I needn’t have worried. He took off like he’d been riding all his life… and kept going… off into the distance, mainly because we’d forgotten to show him how to stop.

Looking back, I realise this is one of those moments. I’ve packed his lunch, laid out his uniform and set the alarm. And I know that when I drop him off and say goodbye, the tears will all, most likely, be my own and he’ll embark on this new adventure without looking back.

I cuddled him for a little bit longer at bedtime tonight. To me, he’ll always be my baby. But tomorrow, I’ll be cool. I won’t let him see me cry. And I’ll let go of him… just a little bit.

So, to every parent facing a ‘first day’ tomorrow, let’s raise our tissues in a joint salute to bittersweet ‘firsts.’