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Eradicating Anger

It’s really easy to be angry at our kids. But being angry feels awful, it’s bad for our kids, and it even affects our health!

Here are three strategies to eradicate anger and be the parent you thought you’d be before you had kids!

 First – Just say ‘No’ to anger.

Sometimes it can really be that simple. When you feel it coming, say ‘no’, and mean it.

 Second – Change your perception of your kids.

Rather than seeing your kids as challenging trouble-makers who are rude, impatient, and ungrateful, see them as little people trying to make their way in a confusing world. In most cases our kids really want to do the right thing.

 Third – Find ways to laugh together.

Easier said than done, true, but we need to stop and simply enjoy time together. Taking time to laugh builds relationships, strengthens bonds, and removes anger.

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