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Eradicating Anger – Part 2

To raise positive children, they need to feel safe. Our anger frightens our children.

So here are three ways to eradicate anger from our parenting and help our children feel safe and secure:

1. First, listen to their hearts. If you listen, carefully, to what’s in your children’s hearts, you will find pure innocence and a desire to make others happy  –  most of the time! Listen to their hearts and it will shift anger to understanding.

2. Breathe deeply. (And count to ten!) Research shows that taking a brief time-out, and focusing on your breathing can reduce anger. Research shows mindfulness reduces stress and leads to clearer thinking and calmer behaviour.

3. Use gentle reminders. When the kids don’t listen, rather than yelling, gently call them by name. When you have their attention, use two or three words to describe what you expect. It can be done – and calmly.

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