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Skip this and your kids are missing more than you realise

Missing the first meal of the day is a worrying trend that’s getting worse.

Eating a nutritious, substantial breakfast is an essential part of having a healthy, balanced diet.

Research reinforces the importance of breakfast in improving brain function in children – they can focus better, are more alert and able to concentrate while at school.

Making breakfast a non-negotiable meal will give children a better chance of having a healthier diet overall, reducing their risk of a range of chronic diseases long term.

One in three cancers are preventable through lifestyle factors including eating healthily and maintaining a healthy weight.

Having a poor diet can cause children to become overweight or obese, increasing the risk of a range of chronic diseases including some cancers.

There are plenty of quick, nutritious and delicious options for sit down meals, or a brekkie on-the-go.

Aim for a breakfast high in fibre, low in saturated fat and full of vitamins and minerals – and get the kids involved in preparation!

A smoothie made from reduced-fat milk, fresh fruit and yoghurt is a great option for a healthy brekkie on the run.

Choose untoasted muesli, oats, eggs on wholegrain toast with tomato, or even wholegrain cereal with reduced-fat milk, topped with fresh fruit and berries.

Individual oat sachets or small healthy cereal packets, low fat yoghurt and a small tin of fruit in natural juice or wholegrain toast with avocado are also great options.

More information about Cancer Council Queensland is available at or 13 11 20.