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Be an Example

The example you set may be a critical determinant of your children’s resilience and positivity.

That’s because our children grow to be just like us.

If we’re tall, they’ll likely be tall. If we have blue eyes, they will potentially inherit those. That’s how nature works.

But nature only accounts for part of the story. The environment we provide for our children – the nurture – is vitally important.

Kids raised with active parents are more likely to be active. Kids raised in homes where parents practise gratitude tend to be grateful.

And while researchers have found that happiness is at least partly heritable, it seems that the way we choose to live provides an important happiness and resilience model for our children.

Your children are watching.

Show, by example, that you can choose happiness. Teach that it’s ok to have setbacks and failures, and how with the right attitude you can push through tough times as well.

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