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Be a Mindful Eater

It’s time to practice more mindful eating to help curb rising rates of obesity and overweight.

Too many of us eat dinner in front of the TV at least five times a week, routinely snack while watching TV or using the internet, and many report not paying attention to what they eat.

This habit can lead to weight gain, increasing the risk of a range of chronic diseases, including some cancers.

The statistics show us mindless eating leads to overeating.

We need to help Queenslanders be aware of where they are eating, what they’re eating and what they’re doing while they eat.

Habits have a strong influence on diet – nearly 75 per cent of people surveyed agreed a good routine encourages eating healthy foods.

To maintain a healthy diet and healthy weight, it’s imperative we pay more attention to what we eat and when, and how full we are.

 Cut down the screen time, sit down to dinner with family or friends, be aware of portion sizes, and enjoy and savour your meals.’

Healthier. Happier. is about encouraging all people*, no matter their size or situation, to lead a healthier life and reduce their risk of chronic disease. ‘

Many people don’t realise the things they do every day can impact on their health. Eating in front of a TV, computer screen, magazine or phone is mindless eating and means people are not paying attention to the quantity they are consuming, or gauging how full they are.

The new Health & Fitness Age Challenge app helps people to identify risk areas so they can focus on what needs work.

People can then work to improve their health and wellbeing over a four-week challenge.

It’s all about finding simple things you can change in your lifestyle.’ Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young .

 Up to one-third of all cancers are preventable through simple lifestyle adjustments, including eating healthily and maintaining a healthy weight.

 To download the free app and try the 4 Week Health & Fitness Age Challenge, visit

More information about Cancer Council Queensland is available at or Cancer Council Helpline 13 11 20.