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A Beautiful Sunset Can Slow Down Time?

It’s that time of year when it feels like days are flying past. The countdown to Christmas is in fast forward and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But come to think of it, just about every day of the year feels like that.

Why is it that days seemed to last forever when I was younger? And now I blink and they’re over.

According to this research conducted in 2012, it’s simple… we’re all suffering from a chronic lack of awe.

During a study, some volunteers watched imagery that was funny, while others watched ‘awe inspiring’ imagery.

Surprisingly, those who watched the ‘awe inspiring’ imagery felt like they had more time, as if time had slowed down.

It makes sense, really.

During childhood, I spent countless hours lying on my back looking up at the magnificent night sky. I actually stopped to smell the roses. Nowadays, I’m likely to trample them underfoot with my arms full of groceries and toddlers.

Nowadays, I watch my computers screen, or children’s television, rather than the sky.

So when it all gets a little too much this festive season, I take some time out to look up. The night sky flickers, full of magnificent stars. I gaze into its hugeness, feel strangely small and time stands still… just for a moment.