WIN Coldplay’s New Album – Ghost Stories

Coldplay competition

Ghost Stories is my new favourite album. From the moment I brought it home and played it on my PC, I was in love.

The whole album plays out like one long, sweet lullaby, laying bare Chris Martin’s broken heart with a beautiful honesty that gently caresses your ears.

To be fair, my husband was working in the office with me when I played the album for the first time and as the last, haunting note faded and I was just about the say: ‘That’s their best album yet!’ darling husband said: ‘Well, that’s the most boring album I’ve ever heard.’

I put it on in the car on the way to a play date and by the time we arrived, my boys would normally have been niggling at each other or laughing hysterically about something but I turned around to find them both staring wistfully through the sunroof, contemplating something very deeply. It’s on high rotation in the car now.

Coldplay have just released their second single ‘Sky Full of Stars’ and to celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of their latest album, Ghost Stories. Put it on in the car for a guaranteed quiet ride home.

Simply fill in the form below and ‘Like’ Mum Daily’s Facebook page to enter.

Entries close 5pm Wednesday 25th June.

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Win a copy of Coldplay's Album - Ghost Stories

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