Thanks for Nothing Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

Okay, so he’s a Child Psychologist, but what does he know about raising MY kids??

Ever since I read this article last week about how the ‘awesomeness’ (or lack thereof) of our 4 year old’s drawing may actually predict their intelligence later in life, I have come to realise that 90% of studies about parenting make us feel like bad, bad parents, even if we’re not!

And Dr Michael Carr-Gregg has just added to the ‘you’re a rubbish parent‘ diatribe that’s taking up too much media space.

The fact is, parents are more informed, involved and interested in our kids than ever before. We’re also dealing with a range of issues our parents never had to face… eg cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, sexting and the internet in general.

Em Rusciano sums it up perfectly (and colourfully): ‘The truth is the 80s was the last decade you were able to be (by today’s standards) a **** parent and get away with it!
The 80s was the decade where parenting standards slipped a whole bunch. Women were going to work, Dads didn’t quite realise that, kids benefited from the distinct lack of supervision and took full advantage of it.’ You can read her full blog here but it comes with a colourful language warning!

Dr Carr-Gregg is sounding like the 2 old guys in the Muppets… Throwing popcorn from the cheap seats. Well Doctor, from where I’m sitting, my kids are happy, well adjusted little people who throw the odd tantrum (heaven forbid, Doctor) but they are a work in progress (and aren’t we all?!).

We were around when you generation was parenting, Doctor… and we think we’re doing a pretty good job but thanks for checking in!

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