Gratitude Journalling

Now my ‘quiet time’ is the period between when the boys go to sleep and I collapse into bed. My prayers go something like this: ‘Dear God, thanks that Jack is nearly walking. Actually, I need to get him some new shoes. I wonder if Best & Less is having a sale. I could get Tyson some pants while I’m there. Need to iron my pants. Got to increase my iron intake… Got… to… take… zzzzzzzz.’ Pretty sad, right?

How to be Happier & Healthier

Saying thank you to others and being openly grateful for their service and help, no matter how small or significant leaves us feeling happy and positive and in a good mood! Our negative feelings are diminished. Notice the next time you are at the check-out and how a smile and ‘thank-you’ can change the attitude of a maybe exhausted or grumpy assistant, and then be aware of how you are feeling by lifting their day!