Packing Perils

Is it just me whose method of packing is the most time consuming, stressful, inefficient, and messy method ever? It is always an after-midnight event, no matter what time I begin.

What I do:

I carefully choose what I think we all may each need for our holiday, and place it neatly folded into the suitcase:

5 pairs of long pants – as you need to consider rain, muddy puddles (thanks Peppa Pig) and wee (yes, wee doesn’t just stay on the kids pants, it can crawl on over and seep into your own.)

8 long-sleeved tops – as you need to be mindful of bolognaise and yoghurt, drool, endless snotty noses, milk spills (leaving that delightful sourness), curdled milk vomits (even better), dirt, the cuteness factor (‘but this one is just so cute, we have to bring it as well’) and the fashion factor (‘but this one matches with that and that, but not that…maybe I should just bring that one cause it matches with everything, but I just think that looks SO CUTE together so we will just bring them all to make it easier’).

5 pairs of shoes – all required of course, for every conceivable weather situation. Gumboots (isn’t Peppa great!), sandals, sneakers, nice leather shoes, nice canvas shoes (for all the aforementioned potential outfits).

A million pairs of socks.

A shipload of undies. Obviously.

And as the weather actually is unpredictable at our temperate holiday destination, 4 sets of pyjamas, 8 short-sleeved tops, 6 pairs of shorts……..

……….and on it goes.

Oh. It doesn’t fit in the suitcase. Right.

Okay, so how about we take out this long-sleeved top, this pair of shorts, this big winter jacket.

Actually, no, this long-sleeved top is just perfect with these pair of pants, so I’ll take out this one instead. But no, this one matches those shorts…

And it continues.

Unpacking and packing, unpacking and packing, unpacking and packing, unpacking and packing.


I have finally whittled it down to ‘squeezable’ within the suitcase.

And hubby’s clothes have been relocated to his own roller board.

I hate to think what I’d be like with girls.

Piles of clothes everywhere. Too late to deal with those…

No actually, we are in fact not heading to a third world country where cleaning clothes may require an expedition or muscle power.

And yes, I may as well just throw everyone’s entire wardrobe contents into the suitcase to begin with. I will endeavour to save time and try this method next time.

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