Living Fearless

What are you afraid of?

I spoke recently at Nexus Church on the topic: ‘Overcoming Fear.’ Living Fearless

When I was first asked to speak, my five year old son asked me: ‘What ARE you afraid of?’

‘Oh nothing, sweetheart,’ I replied simply, ‘God has everything under control so I just leave everything to Him.’

Fast forward a couple of weeks and my 3 year old son is lying beside me in a hospital bed. He’s in excruciating pain with a staph infection and not responding well to meds. One of our biggest clients has just renegged on a major contract and we’re faced with the prospect of selling our home.

What AM I afraid of?


‘This exact moment I’m living right now.’ I thought. This talk comes straight from the depths of my heart. Confronted by my own fears, playing out before my eyes. These are the strategies that guided me to a place of peace.

I hope my words encourage you on your journey, whatever you’re going through.

I’m battle weary, I’m scarred… and I’m fearless.

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